Please observe and note the following safety guidelines when washing at Bella Stone Car Wash.


We recommend folding in your side mirrors during your wash.
Please remove all:

  • Antennas
  • Tow hitches
  • Other external accessories which protrude from the vehicle body

We can retract specific pieces of equipment to allow you to wash safely, but certain parts of your vehicle may not be cleaned.

Please empty open truck beds: debris and objects may get caught in the equipment and result in damage which you will be liable for.


Please do not attempt to bring your vehicle through our facility if any of these apply:  
  • Dually vehicles
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Uncovered fifth wheels
  • Excessively muddy vehicles


A team member will assist you with lining your vehicle up with and loading onto our automated conveyor. Please follow all hand signals and/or verbal instructions given to you. Once you have been loaded safely, you will be required to put your vehicle in neutral so that the conveyor system can push your car through the tunnel. Please do not apply your brakes or change gears at any time while in the tunnel, unless instructed by a team member. At the end of the wash, you will see a signal light which will indicate when it is safe to place your vehicle back in drive and exit the tunnel. You may then choose to stop at our free vacuums to quickly detail your interior or leave the facility.


Bella Stone offers complimentary self-service high-power vacuum stalls for you to detail your interior as needed. Please be mindful of the nozzle and what may be in it’s path. They are quite powerful and it is easy to accidentally suck up belongings.
While vacuuming, please be courteous to others. There are a limited number of vacuum stalls available so we ask that everyone try to limit their use to 10 minutes, especially when the car wash is experiencing high traffic. Please do not use the vacuums to suck up liquids or hazardous materials.


Bella Stone accepts responsibility for equipment malfunctions ONLY.

Customer assumes FULL responsibility for ALL damages, including but not limited to the following:

  • Antennas and/or Mirrors: including but not limited to standard or oversized/tow mirrors, un-retracted power, mast, cellular, satellite, and improperly installed.
  • Standard and Non-Factory Equipment: custom tires/rims/metal stems/caps/accessories, spare tire covers, wipers, running boards, bug shields/visors/deflectors, spoilers, hitches, license plates/frames/covers, luggage/bike racks, wheel chair lifts, custom lights, exposed wires, raised/lowered vehicles.
  • Hood ornaments and parts/logos attached with tape, adhesive, press fit, or snap on.
  • Pin-striping, graphics, painted plastic, repaints, and previous body work.
  • Pre-existing, unforeseen, or internal vehicle conditions and defects.
    ANYTHING on vehicles OVER 8 YEARS OLD or OVER 100,000 MILES.
  • Parts blown off by dryers: including but not limited to roof rails, mirror glass/covers, fuel doors, and lights.

Enter the wash at your own risk: failure to follow procedures may result in vehicular damage and YOUR liability.

Bella Stone Car Wash is ONLY responsible for any incident which is caused by Bella Stone Car Wash’s own negligence.

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